4 Steps to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

Posted on: 11 June 2015

Your home is your castle, your domain. You should be able to relax and feel safe and comfortable in your own house, which is impossible if you're worried about break-ins and burglars. Here are four steps you can take to protect your home from burglars and thieves:

1. Lock your doors.

  • One of the most important steps you can take to protect your home and your family from burglars is also one of the simplest; make sure to lock your doors at all times, even when you're home and especially at night. Get into the habit of checking all your doors and windows each night before you fall asleep.
  • Deadbolts are some of the most secure locks you can have on your doors, but opt for single deadbolts. Double deadbolts (which need to be opened with a key from both sides) can pose a fire hazard, keeping you from escaping quickly in the event of a house fire.

2. Don't advertise the fact that you aren't home.

  • You can't always be home, but that doesn't mean you need to let everyone know that! If burglars think people are in the house, they are less likely to try to break in. According to the University of California Police Department, you should avoid recording answering machine messages that state you aren't home. Instead, say you are unavailable.
  • If you go out of town, ask a friend or neighbor to come over and take mail and newspapers inside.

3. Invest in security cameras.

  • Security cameras can help to give you additional peace of mind, both while you are asleep and when you're out of the house. Visible security cameras act as a crime deterrent. Criminals are less likely to target your home if it appears they are being recorded.
  • If someone does break in, you will have video evidence to turn over to the police, in order to aid their investigation. Security cameras should be placed in strategic areas around your house, such as near all potential entries like doors and large windows.

4. Consider a home alarm system.

  • For added security, consider investing in a home alarm system to complement your security cameras. Home alarm systems can emit a loud alarm sound when someone tries to break into your home, alerting you and your family.
  • Many home alarm systems also have a function which notifies your local police department or the company who installed the alarm. Help will be dispatched to your home, even if you are unable to reach a phone during an invasion.

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing your house and family are secure. These four tips will help protect your belongings and loved ones from home invasions. For more tips, talk to a professional like Digitron Security Systems, Inc.