Why You Need To Have Your Fire Alarm System Inspected

Posted on: 28 July 2015

You've taken every precaution to make sure that your employees and your customers are safe while they are inside your business. You have a security system in place, fire escapes, fire extinguishers and a fire alarm system. While the latter can be one of the most beneficial safety precautions, it won't do any good if it isn't working properly.

Routine inspections of your fire alarm system are vital for a variety of reasons. If you aren't having your system inspected regularly, here's a look at some very good reasons why you need to make these inspections a habit.

Protect Lives

Of course, the most important reason to have your fire alarm system inspected is to ensure the safety of human lives. A properly working system will alert your staff and your customers in the event that smoke or excessive heat is detected in your establishment; however, if the system isn't working properly, you are putting lives in danger.

Routine inspections of your fire alarm system will alert you to any issue that may exist and enable you to have them fixed so that the system is fully restored.

Insurance Coverage

Chances are that your insurance carrier won't cover the cost of any fire-related damage if you can't provide proof that you have had your system regularly inspected and tested. When you do have your system inspected, hold onto the documents that illustrate the inspection. In the event that a fire does happen, you will be able to present the documents to your insurance carrier, who will then be able to process your claim.

Mandatory Inspections

In many states, cities and towns, having fire alarm systems inspected is mandatory. If you don't have inspections done, you could be facing hefty fines. Contact your local building department to find out the regulations regarding fire alarm system inspections to ensure you are abiding by the law.

Cost Savings

As a business owner, you want to save as much money as possible. By having your fire alarm system inspected regularly, you may be able to save money on your insurance coverage. Many insurance companies offer discounts if fire alarm system inspections are done regularly.


In the event that a fire does occur and your fire alarm system failed, you could be major lawsuits. As a business owner, you are liable for any injuries that are sustained on your premises. If you have proof that you have had your system inspected, you can save yourself from potentially hefty legal fees.

As a business owner, the first and most important thing you need to tend to is safety. By having your fire alarm system maintained on a regular basis, you are doing your part to ensure safety. 

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