Securing Your Home With Door Sensors In Unexpected Places

Posted on: 20 October 2016

Creating a home security system can be a great way to ensure that your family's home (and occupants) remain safe at all times. Many modern alarm systems are equipped with sensors that are capable of sending notifications to a cell phone or email address when an unauthorized breach occurs. You can use these door sensors in some unexpected places throughout your home to increase safety while you are away.

Here are three places you might want to consider installing notification-generating door alarms in the future.

1. On the door of your medicine cabinet.

To a young child, the pills and liquids in your home's medicine cabinet can look like candy. Experts estimate that 70% of the children seen in emergency rooms for potential poisoning have overdosed on everyday medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

By placing a door sensor on the door of your medicine cabinet, you will be alerted to the fact that your child is getting into this dangerous cabinet. If you are not at home, the notification allows you to contact your babysitter immediately to prevent a serious medical emergency. If you are home, you can quickly run to your child's aid when you receive the notification on your cell phone.

Having door sensors on your medicine cabinet could potentially save your young child's life.

2. On the door of your gun safe.

With an estimated 270 million guns belonging to U.S. residents, it's likely that you have a firearm in your home. While you might take precautions to keep your guns out of the hands of your children by locking them in a safe, your children may still be able to find a way in.

An observant child might take note of where you or your spouse hide the spare key, and attempt to access the gun safe once you are not at home. By having a door sensor that will send a notification of entry to your phone installed on your gun safe, you will immediately know if there is a threat and you can address it before disaster strikes.

3. On an elderly parent's bedroom door.

If you have a parent with dementia living in your home, you know the risk of wandering exists. To ensure that your parent stays safe during the night without the need to keep a constant watch over him or her, all you need to do is install a door sensor on the door of the bedroom where your parent is sleeping.

An alarm will be sent to your cell phone if your parent opens the door to wander, and you will be able to handle the situation before your parent makes it outdoors.

Maintaining safety within your home is easy when you rely on notification-generating door sensors to keep medicine cabinets, gun safes, and bedroom doors secure, For more information, visit websites like