Why Have An Integrated Business Security System Design For Your Commercial Warehouse?

Posted on: 26 April 2021

Having the latest security gizmos is one thing, but you also need a good security setup that integrates them for a cohesive approach to security. A cohesive approach can be designed to match all aspects of security for your business. A business security system design improves your business premises security by offering different functions.

Surveillance and Monitoring 

You need visual signals on the events happening in and around your commercial warehouse. Who is at the gate? When did a specific delivery van leave the warehouse? Security cameras help answer such questions. Outdoor security cameras monitor external threats at the perimeter fence, gate, and doors. They also act as a deterrence against petty criminals. Indoor security cameras monitor events within the premises. They can help audit events when security incidents occur. Today's security cameras allow for remote monitoring over the internet. 

Intrusion Detection and Alerts

Commercial warehouses are attractive targets for burglars. They also become targets of saboteurs who want to ruin your business. Intrusion detection systems help respond to illegal access. They will show the sector or point at which there has been an intrusion. You can then direct security cameras to that point for visual verification. You can deploy different technologies, including motion detectors, acoustic detectors, and pressure pads. 

Intrusion systems are also deployed within the premises. They monitor specific areas or rooms with controlled access, for example, a room with classified raw materials or equipment. You can configure the business security system design with custom alerts, like SMS messages to an emergency responder.

Access Control 

Controlling entry and exit at different access points is crucial when you are handling high-value goods. An access control system is also helpful in controlling movement within the warehouse. For example, you can program it to allow only specific people into specific rooms and at particular hours. An access control system is also very useful in tracking entries and exits from areas where incidents occur.

You can use different access control technologies in your business security system design. There are biometric systems to control the movement of people. You can use RFID chips to track the movement of goods within the warehouse. You can also deploy a multi-site access control system to secure different warehouses from one point. 

Are you looking for comprehensive security for your business premises? Talk to a security systems provider about a robust business security system design to match your security needs.