Fire Suppression Options Your Business Should Utilize

Posted on: 6 May 2015

To help protect your employees and clients from a fire, you need items that increase the effectiveness of your fire suppression system. By choosing reliable items for your building, you will have a better chance of protecting people in the event that a fire should start.

Upgraded Sprinkler

Unfortunately, some older buildings do not have adequate sprinkler systems. To help improve your fire suppression system, it may be wise to replace your older sprinklers with a newer model. However, before you can make that decision, you need to know what options are available to install.

Your first option is the traditional wet pipe sprinkler system, which immediately disperses water when the tip of the sprinkler registers a higher temperature within the space. The sprinkler head has a glass-filled capsule that breaks when the temperature in the room reaches a specific degree.

Another option that can be more effective is a dry pipe sprinkler. When the temperature in the room gets too high, the sprinkler releases high-pressured air and then water. One advantage with this option is that the high-pressured air within the pipe increases the water pressure. The faster the water comes out the higher likelihood that it can smother the fire before it can spread.

When comparing these model types, it is best to consider the location for the sprinklers. For example, a wet pipe sprinkler is a good option for a hallway, since it will immediately soak the doorways and exits, which can allow people to get out faster. On the other hand, a dry pipe sprinkler is a good choice for an enclosed room or warehouse, because you need the high-pressured water to stop the fire from leaving the space.

Air Removal System

In any room that has different types of electrical items, you need a fire suppression system that does not rely on water. Unfortunately, water does not extinguish electrical fires, which is why you need an air removal system. This system puts out an electrical fire by taking away air from the room, which is a key element for any fire to continue burning.

Aside from removing the air, this system will not damage other items within the space. You do not have to worry about water soaking important items such as computer servers, laboratory equipment or prototypes your company is creating.

The type of fire suppression system your company relies on needs to be effective. By understanding the different available options, you will be able to choose the appropriate items for stopping a fire should one happen in your building. For more information, talk to a professional like Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Company.