Residential Security Camera Systems — Useful Installation Protocols To Follow

Posted on: 5 June 2023

Most residential security systems today have cameras, which monitor security events that may happen around properties. Review the following installation practices if you plan to set these cameras up independently. 

Install Enough Cameras 

In addition to setting up security cameras correctly around optimal locations, install enough security cameras. Then as you look back at the time and money you put towards these solutions, you'll have no regrets. 

How many cameras do you genuinely need to survey your property thoroughly? Is it four, five, or more? The answer probably lies in your property's makeup and the type of security events that are probable. 

Something helpful you can do is walk around your property to see which areas could use surveillance. It might be in the back due to poor lighting or the sides where there are fragile windows. An in-depth property assessment will help you choose the perfect setup locations and, subsequently, the right amount of cameras. 

Keep Your Cameras Visible

Although hiding your security cameras when setting them up might sound clever, it's better to leave them in plain sight. If a burglar came to your home, they would see the security cameras and thus probably not target the property since they know you'll record their actions. 

Think of it as preventative security, giving you multiple lines of defense to rely on. Just make sure the security cameras are still set up at the right height and distance to detect motion if an intruder gets close enough to your beloved home.

View Feed From Cameras And Adjust if Necessary

After installing security cameras around your property, view their feeds to ensure optimal placement. Head inside and use the supportive software that shows the video from each camera. You'll see exactly which parts of your property are on display. 

You can change a camera's position if you're not content with what it shows. It's much better to make adjustments than to leave cameras at the wrong locations where they don't get utilized to their maximum potential. 

A security system is one of the best investments you could make for your home. With it will be security cameras that you may decide to install yourself. If you see what locations are best, use the appropriate hardware, and take your time, it won't be that hard to install security cameras and then watch your property's exterior any time you want for added peace of mind.

Contact a service provider to learn more about camera system installation.