Switch Your Company to a Web-Based Card Access Control System to Improve Security and Save Money

Posted on: 10 February 2022

Are you hiring more and more employees and are having trouble keeping track of who is in the building? Or would you like some employees to be able to let themselves in without you being there? Here are some of the reasons why you might want to install an access control system for your building that is based in the cloud or accessible via the web.

Allow Employees to Access Building Anytime Day or Night Without the Owner Being There

With a web-based access control system, any employee with the right access card or badge can simply wave their hand or swipe the card and get access to the premises or to a specific part of the building without needing to go to a supervisor or manager first. This means you can have people at your business working there securely even when you or the last security personnel goes home for the night. Expand your company's hours or hire a night crew to keep the production or other work going, making your company more money no matter what day or time it happens to be.

A Web-Based Access System Has No Expensive Servers to Manage On-Site With All Data Kept in the Cloud

The traditional way to set up an access control system is to install a server within your building that holds all of the important security data that will give your employees the correct permissions when they go to swipe or wave their badge or card. But servers are expensive to maintain, and you will be responsible for doing your own maintenance on them when they are housed on-site. With a web-based access system, these servers are hosted off-site at a remote location and sent to your company through the cloud. The remote firm that manages the servers will handle all of the maintenance or any issues that come up so you don't have to.

Make Updates to Permissions From Afar and Keep Fewer Security Personnel On-Site

When your entire access control security system can be updated or changed remotely, you can make adjustments to permissions without even being at your office building or other work site. In some cases, the owner may even be able to make a change to permissions from a mobile app. Extend a daytime employee's access hours so they can come in at night if they need to tackle an emergency. With more direct control over this data, you may be able to keep fewer security personnel on-site throughout the day, saving money on labor in the process.